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Emergency/Medical Aid Assistance

Our Emergency/Medical Aid Assistance program is dedicated to alleviating suffering and providing a ray of hope to those facing dire circumstances


Orphan Support

Orphans often face a world of uncertainty and challenges. Our Orphan Support program extends a helping hand to these children, providing not just essential necessities but also a sense


General Masjid Donations - Build A Masjid

Join us in elevating our mission to serve both the spiritual and social needs of our community. Your General Masjid Donations help us expand our efforts in charity


Disability Support

Your support for our Disability Support program creates real, lasting change in the lives of those facing unique challenges

Women & Children

Women and Children

Our mission is to provide safety and hope to displaced women and children who have experienced the trauma of


Palestine Appeal

In the heart of adversity, there lies a resilient spirit that refuses to be extinguished. Our Palestine Appeal

Help Our Children Rising From the Rubble: Rebuilding Hope for Gaza's Children

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A Call To Humanity Let's Save Our Palestinian Brothers

Shelter And Tents For Palestines

Shelter For Palestines

Palestinians homes and shelter have been taken away from them from this war. Tents are life saving structures we can build for them

Water For Palestines

Water For Palestines

Water has been a major challenge here in Palestine. Help us create more sources of water for our Palestinian brothers who are in desparate humanity crisis

Health Is Life Improving Quality Of Life

Health Projects

Health Support For Women

Many maternal deaths occur due to poor health support and facilities. Enable us provide optimal health support for our mothers

Health Projects

Emergency Ambulance Services

Be part of the Emergency Rescue Team by providing support for ambulance and services that we're championing

Health Projects

Reducing Hospital Fatality

We have a mission of reducing hospital fatality to the bearest minimum. We can only achieve this with your support and donations

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